Virginia Flute Winds (VFW) Flute Choir.
Open to All Students.

 Virginia Flute Winds will have several performance opportunities. Honor Flight September 7, 2019 at National Airport. (With Flutes of Freedom) No auditions only a desire to play and enjoy music for students. Low fee of $50 total.  Students are busy these days (APs , sports). No requirement to be in Band will be placed on students who want to join VFW.The one strict requirement is you cannot switch flute teachers to the director of Virginia Flute Winds if you have a private teacher who referred you.

Summer Flute Camp August 2019.Open to all beginning flute students who have never played the flute. A fun introduction to the flute.  Camp is every Thursday in August in our Sterling, VA studio from 6:30-7:30. Instruments available at camp.

Flute Choir Honor Flight at DCA 8am Sept 7. We'll play for veterans from Dayton and Indianapolis as they leave their Honor Flights for the day to visit the monuments and be honored for their service. Rehearsals in August. Please write for information and the music.

VFW Flute Choir

Virginia Flute Winds VFW came to be as a response to Flutes of Freedom and the enjoyment students received playing in a flute choir. Student life is busy these days. VFW places no school Band requirements on participation. VFW exists so students can enjoy playing music despite the fact they might not be able to fit school band in their schedule. The fee is $50 in response to other flute choirs in this area being over $800. Flute players who want to play for the love of music and creating with a group are welcome!

Summer Flute Camp!Get a head start before you start band this year

Learn to play the flute with pros before you begin your school band this summer. We can provide instruments at camp and help you find an instrument before school begins.Flute camp for beginners in Sterling, Virginia. Flutes provided at the camp. 6:30-7:30  Thursdays in August 2019. August 1, 8, 15 and 22. The final day of camp for Loudoun County students will be moved to August 20 due to the start of school if needed.  Please only sign up for flute camp via email at

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